Have a 9-5? Vacuuming Everywhere You Go Will Keep You Fit

As an avid traveler, I’m often caught doing tricep dips in airports and lunges down the hallways of hotels. It may not always be the most convenient to exercise while traveling, but it is always possible! I love sharing easy workouts you can do no matter where you are traveling or how small your hotel room is. These are also great to keep you active at the office!

Exercising doesn’t have to mean a full-out, hour-long workout. It can be as simple as making a few adjustments to your day.


It sounds obvious, but all too often we skip the stairs only to stand and wait for that all too temping elevator. If you can commit to take the stairs instead, you will actually save time and burn calories fast. You can expect to burn about 10 calories for each minute of stairs you climb!  So enjoy the fresh air and take those stairs! The only thing you’ll miss about the elevator is the awkward silence between you and five other strangers crammed in there. 


It’s not quite what you’re thinking…. I’m not talking about cleaning your floors. This is all about tightening up your tummy.  No one can deny the inevitable travel belly bloat that ensues after days of eating new foods and sipping delicious cocktails. One of the best ways to keep your stomach in check is by “vacuuming.” This is where you pull your belly button into your spine, keeping your core tight and engaged. Try to hold this position while breathing regularly for about 60 seconds, relax and repeat. If you can do this regularly, your will notice your lower belly begin to appear much flatter. This is a perfect exercise to do while driving, sitting on an airplane or even just touring your favorite destination. 


Well, not on a chair at least.  Next time you are stuck in an airport for hours, don’t spend the entire time slumped in a chair waiting for your flight. Instead, try holding a wall sit. Stand with your back against a wall and feet about hip distance apart. Slowly slide down the wall and step feet out 2 feet form the wall.  Make sure your knees are stacked right over your ankles to create a 90-degree angle.  Try to hold this position for 30seconds, come to standing to rest and then repeat. This is an excellent way to build lower body strength and keep you busy while you wait!

Katie Dunlop, CPT is a health and fitness expert. After her own 45lb weight-loss transformation, Katie created Love Sweat & Fitness to inspire women to live fit, healthy, and most importantly, balanced lives. She believes you have to love what you’re doing or you won’t keep doing it. Her goal is to provide fun and effective workouts women will love at any fitness level and with little to no equipment needed.