Links We Love: Mitigating Fake News, Working During Your Commute & Presents for Everyone!

We're in holiday limbo. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas where it's super hard to stay focused at work. 

We're guilty of it. Which is why we're sharing with you all the links we've read through in between emails all week. ;) 

Why did Rihanna and Prince Harry get HIV tests together? Find out. 

If you want to buy your BFF the cheapest gift from the most expensive brands. Like soap, from Chanel. 

Interviews with 100 American workers on what their jobs are really like. 

Fake news was pretty popular this election cycle. Snap (formerly Snapchat) managed to keep it out. But how?

Do you have a NIGHTMARE commute? If you're not the driver, here's how to get work done during those to and fro moments. 

If you think that the Sunday after Thanksgiving is rightfully called "F**k, I Have To Go Back To Work Tomorrow Sunday", then you're most likely to retweet these tweets.

Are you assertive at work? You might be getting paid more than your "nice" coworkers.

Spotify knows what you're listening to, and it has no chill when it comes to outing you for listening to Holiday music in July.

Wondering how Snapchat revolutionized social networks? Here's how

Trevor Noah v.s Tomi Lahren. That is all.