Links We Love: Tackling the Mental Health Convo & 11 Stars Using Their Voices for Good

photo credit:  Studio DIY   

photo credit: Studio DIY 

This week: Obama pardoned his last turkey and you ate your fill of yours. Oh and two ladies you should totally know about won Medals of Freedom, the highest honor awarded to civilians. Play catch-up on the week's news below! 

From ashes to hope: one Palestinian girl's amazing invention. 

These women in Hollywood are using their platform for good. 11 stars who became political activists. 

Hannah Hart's book Buffering addresses the mental health convo. And the stigmas she wants to change.  

What have HRC supporters learned from her loss? A portrait series is asking: Where Do We Go From Here? 

What came first the self or the seflie? And is social media disconnecting us from the BIG picture? 

The White House honored these two women in tech with Medals of Freedom. They were instrumental in the early days of computers. 

Making both our bodies and our hearts warm this holiday season-- your feel good news of the week. 

Chicago indie band OK GO is known for pushing the envelope with their music videos. What did they do this time? And what does Morton salt have to do with it?