Create & Connect: Going Elsewhere with Drea Sobieski

Drea Sobieski was born with an insatiable wanderlust. If she has a vision in her mind, she doesn't let it linger. She builds a plan to make her vision come true, and before you know it, she's on her way to a beautiful coast abroad, producing an editorial photoshoot for elsewhere studio, her production studio and editorial platform centered around experience and travel.

However, between ideating and making ideas become a visually stunning reality, there are countless emails, meetings, and strategic partnerships that make elsewhere a viable business. It’s not all fun and travel-- though there is certainly plenty of that. To find out Drea’s process, and how she flawlessly executes mixing business and travel, we chatted with her for our final Create & Connect with our friends at Logitech.


+You've recently rebranded The Cult Collective into launching a new project, titled 'Elsewhere'. How are you managing that transition?

CULT was my first business and forever baby, but just like any relationship, it's important to evolve - and growth is exciting! My motive in starting CULT was to create a destination for dreamers and creatives, seeking the best in art, expression and experience.  That same ethos transcends through elsewhere - a production studio and editorial platform centered around experience and travel. Along with my creative partner, Grant Legan, we aim to build a destination that inspires people to value experience and book travel. I hope that CULT readers will evolve with us and join us elsewhere.

+To be the most productive, do you prefer an office setting, home setting, or when you’re traveling?

For some reason I focus better when I'm in transit or somewhere new. Maybe it's the forced solidarity or the feeling of being disconnected, but I think more clear at 35,000 feet than anywhere else. I must have been a bird in another life.

+How do tools like Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard keep you focused and on track while managing multiple projects?

The best tools are ones that can move with me, wherever I am or whatever I'm working on, and those that allow me to switch between my phone and computer gracefully, like this keyboard!

+What is your number one hack for multitasking?

Making lists helps me visually prioritize. I am also super strict about keeping my cal invites up to date. Time is any entrepreneur's most valuable resource.  (:

+What's next for elsewhere?

We have some exciting destinations planned for 2016, and are working on compiling a print journal, which we are both super excited about!