5 Must-Follow Hilarious/Real Talk Instagrammers

We love Instagram (duh) and while we love love love the macaroon, peony, jet set explosion that often fills our feed, we also love the people who lay it out there real talk style. The people who aren't afraid to talk about their dog barfing in their car (Jayne Min) or admit that they have a mustache hair (Jen Gotch)--- we need them, the world needs them. We thought it was time to share what basically gets us through our day, which is often not filled with cute cups of coffee and European vacations, but is sometimes filled with, er, mustache hairs.


Kelly Oxford / @kellyoxford

The author, writer, show-seller, and cool mom is one of our favorite follows.  She posts the ins-and-outs of motherhood,  the hilarity surrounding her kids, her dogs, and general commentary on the craziness that is life. Our favorite is the picture of her mom where she says "Hi Mom. Sorry I don't call, I hate the phone. If it makes you feel any better, I call no one. You're cute for an old Baba." #truth

Jayne Min / @stopitrightnow

Don't be fooled by her couture looking imagery - Jayne Min isn't as serious as her posts may look. She is constantly killing it with self deprecating humor. For instance, her caption "Cowlick profile shot featuring ear cameo" (see image below at the upper left), plus her posts about her pups hit way too close to home -- we like it Jayne! 



OMG, WE LOVE ORLANDO! His effortless use of CAPS when instilling hilarious puns and wit into his often beautiful interior photos literally gets us through the day. For National Donut Day, his post declared "I hate donuts but LOVE RUGS." As do we, Orlando. 

Jen Gotch / @jengotch

Jen is everything. No really. She is a boss lady extraordinaire, she pulls off pink hair and mumus with ZERO effort and she is not just funny-- she is freaking hilarious.  She literally doesn't care what you think (in the best way possible) and her Instagram is a direct reflection of that. Do yourself a favor and watch the mustache video

Samantha Duenas / @sosupersam

Don't let her freakish good looks fool you, Sam is WAY more than a pretty face. When she isn't spinning the best parties, she is posting hilarious commentary on Instagram.  Her post featuring the guy juggling at the airport, simply captioned "go ahead daddy", literally made us pee (just a little bit.)