Fashion With Function: How Mira Is Changing That Wearable Tech Game

Mira, Mira, on your wrist. It's the fitness bracelet embraced by bloggers like Sincerely Jules that can be easily worn with other stackable bracelets, or solo. If you're confused, you're not the only one. Only recently has the intersection of fashion and fitness hit its stride. Think: Adidas Originals, Alo Yoga Wear, and Mira-- a game-changing fitness tracker and bracelet. 

Gone are the days of rubber bracelets that merely track your steps or your heart rate. Everyone wants a Mira. So we checked in with Melissa Dowell, Mira's Events Marketing Operations Associate to chat all aspects of Mira's healthy and fashionable world. 

The Mira lifestyle is much more than simply wearing a fitness bracelet. How do you translate this image of a complete life to your customers? 

Content is a big part of how we translate this complete wellness picture to customers. Our app content puts your daily activity into everyday terms. For example, we show you how many calories you burned while taking the stairs at work and how many steps in takes to work off that glass of wine. We track your dance moves while you’re boogieing at a wedding. Our stylish bracelet is versatile and flexible so it fits your personal style. Users are more likely to wear it and get a clearer picture of their data because they can wear it to the office, date night and everywhere in between. Finally, we’re also inspired by images of strong, empowered women who are taking care of business, family and other obligations. We try to show women in real life through our brand, not just the time where she might be at the gym. We like to show women how Mira can fit into all aspects of her world. 

Prior to working with Mira did you think the intersection of jewelry and fitness bracelet was possible?

What I loved about discovering Mira was that it was not only something beautiful I would wear, but it also put my health and wellness in perspective. Previously, I had seen fitness trackers as one thing: a rubber band that tracks your steps. It seemed like a fad that would come and go and I never really understood what tracking my steps could tell me about my health. Because I love wearing the bracelet, I’m able to really see how active I am throughout the week and that’s been a game-changer.


How do you feel about goal-setting? In both your personal and professional life? And as a Mira user? 

Personally, I’m someone who is far more interested the journey than the goal. I aim to be present and authentic, staying open to the experiences life has for me. In my professional life, I like to keep an open mind to the opportunities in front of  me. The same goes for me as a Mira user. I aim to stay aware of my journey so I’m motivated to make good choices, and do the activities that I enjoy.

How important do you find the “community” aspect of the Mira lifestyle? 

Like anything worth achieving, living a healthy lifestyle is not something most people can achieve alone. Who can understand you better than another woman who shares similar goals, passions and challenges?  As we expand our product offering, building a Mira community is going to be essential to helping women achieve their goals. We’re looking at ways that we can connect like-minded women that share similar goals through our app and through the brand experience. Health and fitness become instantly more manageable when you have someone with you on the journey helping you make healthy choices.  

How have you seen the wearable tech industry change? What’s next?

There is an attention to detail that wasn’t there before. Fashion and function are no longer mutually exclusive! We are going to continue to see more innovation both with the technology and with the fashion offerings in the market. We’re excited to be a part of what’s coming next.

How have you seen social media affect and grow the brand?

Social media has been key to building brand awareness.  Getting women who share our passion for style and health has been key to driving engagement and excitement about our brand. Social media has also been a great way to get the word out about our pop-up events around the country.

What Mira bracelet do you wear? How have you seen it affect your lifestyle?

I just got my hands on our new Rosé All Day bracelet which I’ve been swooning over since I first saw the prototype! I definitely pay closer attention to what my personal style really is and it’s been a lot of fun discovering what I like to wear. I’ve definitely put myself out there more to try new things. I love how Mira encourages you to look and feel your best. That gives me the confidence to try clothes and trends I never thought I could wear.

Mira is prepping for multiple pop-up events over the next few months. What is the benefit of an online company hosting these events and meeting face-to-face with customers?

Because we’re a startup, getting that immediate feedback from customers is invaluable. We get to learn right away what our customers value in a fitness tracker so we can better tailor our product to meet their needs. Also, it gives us a chance to present our brand in an authentic way--as a team of mostly women, we can relate to the unique challenges that our customers face when we’re able to meet them in person.

"Step back and look at the bigger picture."

Tweet this. 

We love that Mira offers the “try before you buy” feature. How do you think this option affects customers who are worried they won’t like or use a fitness bracelet? 

It’s great because customers can see how well Mira fits in with the pieces that are already in their jewelry box. There are a lot of wearable options out there and our “try before you buy” option tells customers that we are committed to offering a product that fits into her life. Plus, it gives you a chance to interact with our awesome  app and see just how much activity you’re already doing but were never able to capture. 

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve noticed since “tracking” with Mira? 

I noticed I can easily sit and work for hours without getting up. I get so consumed in what I’m doing that I tend to go long periods with no activity. It’s great to be aware of that now so I can get up and go for a walk to get my blood pumping again. I find it helps me stay on top of my game throughout the day too. 

Daily tip that keeps you motivated?

Step back and look at the bigger picture. How can you make your next choice a healthy one?




Melissa Dowell is Mira's Events Marketing Operations Associate. Make sure to chat with Melissa at Create & Cultivate Dallas and she gives all the deets on how Mira is changing the wearable tech game.