Off The Grid: 5 Innovative Instagrammers Thinking Outside The Box

By nature, Instagram is meant to be a visual gateway to people's lives, creative minds, and storytelling. Quite often, we find ourselves following people that use Instagram in the same way that they use Twitter to update their followers with status updates, but there are accounts that know how to use Instagram to full its full potential and go way outside of the box. 

With a set vision and story to tell on your Instagram, followers will always be more inclined to look at your Instagram and look at the thought behind it, rather than stop and look at your photo while they're scrolling through their Instagram feed. That's why we've compiled a list of some of the most impressive Instagram accounts that have inspired us to go beyond a single post and make a feed that can live together as a whole. 

1. Tayst - @tayst

Taylor St. Claire, better known as Tayst on Instagram, has built one of the most visually captivating Instagram feeds with her floral and free-spirited doodles. Her feed makes us think back on all the doodles that we made on our notebooks in high school and wish that we never threw them away. By combining illustrations on amazing photos, Taylor shows that you don't have to be bound by just the picture you take and that you can go crazy with editing them to stand out. 

2. Tea For Bear - @teaforbear

After you look at Tea For Bear's Instagram feed, you're going to want to look for all the geometry hiding in our every day lives, and apply it to all of your angles on your Instagram feed. By keeping all her photos to a 45 degree angle having a line cut right through two corners, Tea For Bear's entire feed diverts from the photos we're used to taking to making a cohesive slanted array of images that can live alone yet together in one feed. 

3. A.L.C. Ltd. - @alc_ltd

New York-based designer Andrea Lieberman has been able to define A.L.C's image not only though the pieces in her collection, but also by curating a vibe and mantra to go hand in hand with her designs on her Instagram. By pairing selected quotes, looks, and images from some of the the prominent figures of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Andrea has been able to present the inspiration for the brand with individual Instagram posts that still live cohesively in one feed. 

4. Taku - @takubeats

Musician and photographer Taku has been one of the visionaries able lead the "grid movement" on Instagram, by using each of the rows on his Instagram grid to capture a seperate story in it's own from different angles and perspectives. The trick to his feed is always to always capture the same subject, but use different angles, different people, and different points of focus to make each photo significantly different yet able to live with the rest of the photos in one row. 

5. A$AP Rocky - @asaprocky

Okay, so everyone knows A$AP Rocky for his rhymes, but his Instagram is one of the feeds that you have to follow if you aren't already. Think of it as an actual scroll that you have to physically roll out. With the use of texture and space, he is able to make all his images live in one grid all together. Just by looking at his feed, we want to get some Polaroid photos, add some actual paint or cardboard cutouts to add texture and see how it will all look in our Instagram feed. Rocky's feed is definitely thinking outside the box, and can help inspire you to use every element of visual imagery to its fullest. 

What are some of your favorite Instagrammers that have crafted beautifully curated feeds, and have inspired you to practice your art direction skills for your own Instagram? Let us know below!