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Enter the Now: The Dreamiest Bohemian Spa Destination in All of LA

Affordable luxury. It's not something Angelenos know that much about. That us, until now. Or rather, The Now. The luxury-walk-ins-welcome-spa that opened last year in West Hollywood, is all about that balance. After detecting a gap between high-end spas that cost a premium and Eastern foot spas that skimp on luxe, Erica Malbon and Gara Post looked for a way to unify those elements. 

Drawing inspo from the Coqui Coqui hotel in Tulum, Mexico, The Now offers the luxury spa experience at a (very) affordable price. Massages start at just $35 (just about the cost of two pressed juices), and guests can choose from a variety of add-ons. The first location attracted ladies like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and the cofounders announced (today!) that a second location will be opening soon in Santa Monica. 

They're out to relax LA, one neighborhood at a time. 

We caught up with Erica and Gara to see how they spend their day, what advice they have for aspiring female entrepreneurs, and why touch is so important. 


5:30 am: Wake up and drink a large glass of room temperature water with lemon. Then meditate for 20 minutes. This is my daily ritual.

8 am: Get my kids ready for school. 

9 am: Go to Pilates or hot yoga at Core Power yoga - the works outs are so hard, but so effective.

10 am: Arrive at The Now and meet up with Erica to work on getting the boutique ready for the day.


12 pm: By noon we’re starving so we’ll run across the street to Erewhon for juices and salads. They have the best food!

1 pm: Meet with the team to review new ideas for products we want to sell at the boutique.

2 pm: In the afternoon we’ll have massage therapists come by for interviews with us and Amber, our massage therapist ambassador


4:30 pm: Head home to get dinner ready for the kids and family. Creating balance between work and family is really important to Erica and me. 

8 pm: Back to work, usually with a glass of wine.


What made you decide to get into the health spa business? 

We both come from a design background, so we didn’t necessarily think that we would end up launching a massage boutique. That said, we are both really passionate about self-care and self-love. We really liked the idea of an affordable massage in a luxury environment, which is where our design background comes in. We want to give people the opportunity to connect with themselves and recharge on a regular basis. Since we’re both hard workers and entrepreneurs, it was a natural jump for us even if we didn’t have background that aligned in an obvious way. 


What are your respective backgrounds?

Gara: I have a jewelry line called Gara Danielle that I’ve been designing for 18 years (which is why I’m always wearing at least 15 rings and 10 bracelets!). I still work on it every day and am currently brainstorming a potential special collection for The Now. Stay tuned!

Erica: I worked in marketing and design with my husband on fashion and style brands. I had actually just designed my own line of luxury travel accessories, but I put that on hold to work on The Now. You never know how it will resurface though!

How do you scale a business and keep your massages starting at such a great price point?

We work with amazing massage therapists who love having a regular but flexible job they can come to. So it ends up being a win win for everyone!

A lot of establishments in LA run on the premise of exclusivity. But you’re offering an experience with very inclusive prices and still attracting an A-List clientele. What’s the secret? 

We have a couple beliefs that we always go back to. One of which is that we believe in the power of touch. It’s healing in a way that nothing else is and it really should be part of everyone’s regular routine. With that being part of our foundation, how could we ever create a place that is exclusive? Everyone deserves to feel great. That’s why our hashtag is #MassagesForAll. We think people, A-list or not, are attracted to The Now because our view comes from an honest place. Also, we’ve designed the space in a way that feels like a luxurious vacation. And who doesn’t want to go on a great vacation?

"We believe in the power of touch." 

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What is your best advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?  

Gara: Work hard.

Erica: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Yes, it’s scary, but that means you’re doing something exciting and new. 

Gara: And be kind. To yourself and others. 

To book online or via The Now App visit www.thenowmassage.com

The Now, 7611 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036, 323-746-5525,

photo credit: Tessa Neustdt




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