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Links We Love: What Everyone Is Talking About This AM

Monday is here! But don't let that get you down. We've rounded up some good reads that will make for a few laughs and good chatter around the water cooler. 

Ryan Gosling hosted SNL for the first time in his entire career. He laughed as much as The Notebook made you cry. Vulture recapped the whole spiel. This is first on the list, because, well, it's Ryan Gosling. 

In case you missed the news, Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla gave birth to a baby girl, Max. With the announcement of their little bundle of joy came the pledge that the family would donate 99% of their Facebook shares, currently valued at over 45 billion dollars to charity over the course of their lifetimes. But Forbes breaks down what kind of tax break that might mean. 

Carrie Fisher of Princess Leia fame said that talking about her weight loss for the almost here Star War: The Force Awakens is "a stupid conversation." After 40 years in the spotlight, her press tour for the movie just might be the best thing ever

A bit of controversy has sprung up between British model Cara Delevingne and brand Otherwild, a Los Angeles-based, queer female owned company. Delevingne posted a photo wearing a sweatshirt with the slogan "The Future is Female." What followed was a bit of nasty fight. Here's hoping that the female future looks a little different than this. 

Texas politician Wendy Davis (of 13 hour filibuster fame) talks about why she hates losing for Lenny Letter. Spoiler: just as you've always suspected, the things worth fighting for are always the hardest. 

For a little #MondayMotivation. Did you know that Bea Arthur of Golden Girls fame was one of the first female marines? Now you do. Now take go take your Monday by the cojones