Treat Yourself to the Best New Influencer Program-- Seriously

Amazon may be the spot where you order all your last minute holiday gifts, but it’s also the hub where influencers are taking their content this Winter. That’s right.

Earlier this year when fashion blogger Cynthia Andrew of Simply Cyn joined us on panel at Create & Cultivate NYC, she talked about jumping at the opp to be a part of Amazon Associates— the online retailer’s affiliate program that helps influencers get a share of the revenue. As Amazon has grown its fashion footprint to become one of the largest online apparel retailers, its Associates program is also adding new opportunities to help fashion influencers monetize their blog, including special financial incentives and premium content for qualified influencers. Every piece of content that you create is shoppable and has the ability to be linked to affiliate links.

Now Amazon Associates is taking it even further, with the launch of The Amazon Influencer Program. A natural extension of the Amazon Associates Program, the Amazon Influencer Program provides content creators and social media influencers the ability to create a curated shopping experience on Amazon and share that shop through an Amazon URL customized to their social media handle.  

Curious as to how it works? Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Apply for the program here.

  • You’ll need to verify your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account.

  • As people visit your shop on Amazon, you will have the ability to earn affiliate fees for all qualifying purchases.

  • Products are added to the shop through the “Add to List” function on a product detail page and the shop product list is managed through the “Your Lists” section of the influencer’s Amazon account.

  • Through the shop product list, items can be removed, moved to a different order on the page and comments can be added to specific products.


There are plenty of ladies who have already tested it out. From Instagram’s Director of Fashion Partnerships Eva Chen, who describes herself on the platform as “Mom, Fashion Enthusiast, Bookworm.” Her children’s book recommendations are on point.

To Lauryn Evarts, known as the Skinny Confidential to her followers, who has already started using the Influencer Program. Use her page to get her skincare recommendations or nab a Cube Timer— which the influencer carries around in her purse to help her time block.

Evarts also encourages future bloggers to not simply think about monetization. “My Instagram can go away tomorrow,” she told the crowd at Create & Cultivate NYC this year. Which is why she continually works on growing her audience on channels that aren’t beholden to someone else’s platform. “I didn’t go into blogging solely to monetize,” the outspoken blogger explained. “I went in to provide value. That’s one of the most important things. You need to establish value and trust with your readership before you think about money.”

“I didn’t go into blogging solely to monetize. I went in to provide value."

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The Amazon Influencer Program helps you do just that— provide value and community. If you get a little affiliate dough in the meantime— pay it forward this Christmas and buy grandma that sewing machine she’s always wanted.

Once you sign-up there are a couple of helpful tips to make the most of your page.

  1. Be sure to use your vanity URL wherever pertinent.

    For example: Use it in a Facebook or Twitter post to drive traffic to the page or in your YouTube video description. *Pro tip: you can even go back through old videos and add the vanity URL to drive new viewers to the page.*
  2. On Facebook use the Shop Now button to link to your vanity URL.

Monetizing content on your platform with affiliate links and programs like Amazon Influencer are vital to the longevity and success of your business. And creating community is what it’s really all about— especially this holiday season. So. Why wouldn’t you sign up for the Amazon Influencer Program? It’s a Holiday Gift from you to you. And (like the best gifts do) it costs nothing.

For questions on the program, email and use the subject line “Create & Cultivate Influencer Question.”