Rad Art for Your Office That Sparks Creativity

Why does it always seem like our best ideas come to us in the middle of the night? And then when we need it most, we lose our creativity? Like when we’re building out a proposal for a huge client? Or sitting down for a meeting with our boss? It happens to the best of us. And we’re here to say, don’t let creativity blues get you down. Opt for artwork instead.

Because once you hit that slump there is a way to get back on track. Minted’s design marketplace connects you to unique products from the world’s best emerging artists. It’s where you find work from independent artists and make it your own. These pieces of art can help cultivate your creativity in the workplace and get you back on track.  

With limited edition art from the world’s best emerging artists, styled uniquely for you, Minted will bring it to life with personalized art styling services starting at $79. That’s what we call bang for your creative buck.

Here are some of our favorites.


Being locked inside the office all day can be tedious. Peeking outside your window, and seeing the shining sun can make you feel even more eager (hello official start of summer).

Studies have shown that people who get up and move are more productive and more creative. So why not dance? Inspired by these “Dancing Palms,” who knows what you’ll think of mid arms-in-the-air wave? And if you’re feeling fond of the frond theme, this is another great option: a Cali-inspired print to bring you back to a state of good creative vibes.

Dancing Palms by Gray Star Design.  

Art yields tranquility. Feeling stressed in the office can leave us lacking motivation. Gazing up at a calm picture can help bring us back to a state of relaxation and the ability to clear our minds. If you are looking for tranquil vibes, this may also work for you. And according to Google, blue is the most productive color.

Blue Cactus by Wilder California. 

Sitting at your desk dreaming of summer? Well, there is a way to bring some sunshine into your office.This serene art deco picture of a “Guard Chair, Santa Monica” will motivate you at work, making you feel like you are outside enjoying a nice summer day.

Guard Chair, Santa Monica by Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos.


Put yourself in your client’s shoes: you walk into an office and you’re greeted it’s austere white walls. Do you feel at home? Do you feel your most creative? You might feel a little uncomfortable, like you can’t touch anything. Which, as the client, is exactly the opposite of how you want to feel.

Art can also help connect you to your clients on an emotional level. Don’t get dragged into stagnant and uncomfortable meeting. Escape to a dreamlike place with Undertow.

Undertow by Julia Contacessi

Or opt for abstract.

Abstract art can spark abstract thinking-- a must for when you’re spitballing idea with a prospective or current client. Bonus: yellow is an energetic color that is an instant mood lifter. So go ahead and elevate your office space.

Abstract Layers 1 by Kelly Nasuta. 


Out of ideas? Feel like you hit a dead end? All it takes is one flash of an idea to get the rest flowing. Typewriters inspire creativity. Writers creativity comes from a keyboard, so what better way to spark your ideas than looking at one?

The Typewriter by Cristiane.

Ever catch yourself day-dreaming, wishing your were somewhere other than your office? Well, these Parisian Windows will make you feel a little more a part of that dream. Taking you to a world of fantasy for a minute will help kick-start your creativity in the office.

Parisian Windows by Annie Montgomery. 

Wanting to escape work for a little? The sky’s the limit with this piece. Having an image that excites your imagination will help you take a step back and expand your mind in the office.

LA Sky by Alexandra Nazari. 

Confidence is the key to success. “Magnifique” staring at you in big gold letters instills will self-esteem in oneself and helps get those ideas flowing. If you like this vibe, you may want to group a few of these together to shake things up.

Magnifique by Marabou Design

Or make it a mantra. Displaying calm, motivating, and inspiring quotes in your office will help bring back your free flowing thoughts of creativity. Seeing is believing. Sometimes we simply need the words right in front of us.

Nice WorkHumble Word both by Heather Francisco.