7 Power Gemstones Every Millennial Woman Needs

Behind every powerful woman is herself.

Strong, confident, and often well-accessorized to boot. But we all need a little boost from time to time. With power gemstones from Gorjana, we can be all of the above, plus a little something extra.

Here are our picks for meaningful gems that also offer a daily dose of power.


Do you feel like working in a multi-screen economy has short-circuited your attention span? Us too. We just looked at our phone, our computer screen, checked our email, texted our bestie, and had a convo with our boss. Everyone is on the fritz. But frazzled doesn’t have to be a way of life. Iolite is known for encouraging focus that helps manifest goals and illuminate your inner creative. (Yes, she’s hiding down in there.)

Our suggestion: Wear the Iolite bracelet when brainstorming new ideas or on a 15-minute walk. Some fresh air plus a little power gem help might bring a new perspective.


If you’re typing away, feeling frantic, frazzled, and like a chicken with no head, holler at some Howlite.

Used to calm the troubled or overactive mind and induce peaceful sleep, Howlite will also help you develop patience and tolerance and a positive outlook on life. Which means, you might even deal with a cranky colleague with a smile. If you’re feeling like a negative Nancy you can also opt for Smoky Quartz. With grounding properties, this gem helps dissolve negativity on all levels, plus aids with alleviating stress and fear.

Our suggestion: Put this on Sunday night before you get a case of the Mondays.

"Behind every powerful woman is herself."

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It’s no small feat walking into a job interview, an investor meeting, or up on stage to give a presentation. There are endless big moments throughout your career and jitters are normal and healthy. Snowflake Obsidian helps you regain the courage to persevere and teaches you that life is learning curve. Mistakes are part of the game-- without them we never advance. Or if you want an extra confidence boost, wear Orange Agate to help you know your own truth.

Our suggestion: Throw your nerves a curveball and strack Snowflake Obsidian with Orange Agate. It’s still on you to bring your own thunder, but this combo might make it rain success.

It just might lead to a career homerun.


Millennial burnout is real. If you’re feeling like 2017 has already taken you to the energy cleaners a little garnet can go a long way. Garnet has restorative properties to help with the churn and burn.

Our suggestion: Never take it off. Everyone could use a little energy boost and some help with the work life balance issue we all face.


Here’s to the ones who dream-- there’s nothing foolish about it at all. Big dreams lead to big moves. And if you want to dream bigger there’s a power gemstone for that! Pink Jade has numerous positive properties, but it’s known as a dream stone because it brings insightful dreams. Which sound way better than the dreams where you’re stress packing for five hours.

Our suggestion: wear it to bed, wear it to the movies, never take it off! Never stop dreaming.

Postscript suggestion: stack them all together. Because you know, #strongertogether.