5 Instagrams For Minimalist Inspiration

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We may be the firsts to jump at bursts of color and a maximalist approach, but sometimes — especially in a tiny 1x1 Instagram — less can be way more. If you want to know the trick to having a beautifully curated Instagram feed, it's minimalism and a few basic principals of design. A focal point, negative space, and a splash of one or two colors (or no colors at all if that's more your style), with no more than two subjects in your photo, and you're well on your way to more double-taps. 

We've learned this from a few of our favorite 'grammers that display their creativity via carefully composed feeds. If you want to see who to take tips from when adding a little bit more of creative direction to your photos, take some cues from a few of these pros below. Get inspired, Incororating a few elements of design, then mix it in with your own personal style. —PC

1. Kastor + Pollux

Bianca Venerayan and Dani Roche have made a name for themselves with their particular brand of minimalism, satire, and cheekiness. You may initially hit follow for their amazing design and creative direction, but you definitely stay for the LOLs. Safe to say this Toronto duo is killing it, so if you're not following them already, do yourself a favor. 

2. Tania Debono of The Writing

NYC-based typographer Tania Debono's minimal script is one of the most recognizable on Instagram. She makes you want to pick up that Krink marker and start practicing your own skills. Not only does her feed showcase her amazing lettering, but the entire black and white theme makes for a beautifully cohesive scroll.

3. Chloe Larkin

If you were to look over Chloe Larkin's Instagram feed, you'd might be surprised to learn that this New Zealand blogger is a only 16 years young. But like Aaliyah said: age ain't nothing but a number. Her maturity is reflected in her carefully curated and composed feed (read: perfect flat lays) that gives us inspiration for days.

4. Vanessa Cesario of The Brunette Salad

On the hunt for the perfect black and white minimalist feed? Vanessa Cesario has nailed it. It's hard to find anything that isn't black in white on this monochromatic Instagram, but we're not mad at it. It's like a visual palate cleanser. Check it out for yourself and get ready to fall in love. 

5. AesthetNIK

This is the perfect case study in "less is more." The more negative space in each photo, the more breathing room you create in your overall feed, resulting in a holistic view that looks beautifully composed. That is exactly what Nik has done with his Instagram, making it one of the most refreshing and soothing scrolls.