Studio DIY's Kelly Mindell Shares Her Summer Traditions


Simple summer pleasures are upon us. No matter what your job, summer is the season of FUN. But work does not wait for summer -- unfortunately. With the bulk of the summer ahead of us (YAY!), we're teaming up with Old Navy to tap on-the-go moms across the country to find out how they squeeze more fun out of summer in their cities - while keeping that to-do list managed and inboxes at a minimum. 


Los Angeles blogger Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY shares her summer fun hacks with her son below. 

How does your family “squeeze more fun” out of summer?

We've instated "Family Fridays" in our house so we get to spend Fridays doing fun activities with our son, Arlo! Sometimes we'll go on a big adventure to Disneyland or just a quick one to our local park, but it's so nice to squeeze in that extra day together!


What are some of your favorite picnic memories or summer traditions?

We picnicked everywhere in the summer. We lived a block away from the park so we were there ALL the time but we also took picnics to the town pool or the beach. My mom is the one person I know who doesn't like a pb&j. But she'd make it for me, for every picnic. Strawberry jam, crustless and diagonally cut, obviously! It's always the little things you remember most, right?? 

As an entrepreneurial mom, there’s a lot of pressure to be plugged in + online. Why is it important for you to make family memories in the summer?

Summer felt so magical as a kid and I am so excited to recreate that feeling for my children. A few years ago, my mom recently gifted me 25 years worth of scrapbooks documenting every memory and major moment of my childhood. It is my most treasured gift! I hope to do the same for Arlo so we're trying to be better about taking our real camera with us instead of our phones, so we don't feel the need to also check in on emails while capturing some of these memories for him! 

Do you have any favorite summer traditions? What is your go-to activity for summer fun with the family?

I grew up in New Jersey, so every summer we took a long family trip to the shore. We stayed at the same hotel every time and saw the same friends every single year. It was such a fun tradition and we all looked forward to it. While we now live on the other side of the country, we're looking forward to finding our "spot" here on the west coast and starting that tradition this year!  

Vacations are wonderful but they can also be hard work to plan. Do you have any family vacay planning tips? 

The biggest thing I've learned about traveling with a little one is that you have to take things a bit slower! We like to pick just one thing a day we want to do, see or eat and let the rest of the day fall into place from there. That way, if we fit in more in a day it feels like a bonus! Plus, we are able to keep our family on somewhat of a schedule so the transition back to real life is easier, too!

The biggest thing I've learned about traveling with a little one is that you have to take things a bit slower!

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What can the workplace do to help families inject more FUN into their summer?

I've seen several companies have employees work a few extra hours during the week so they can spend one Friday a month with their family or even a half day every Friday during the summer. It's totally worth putting in those extra hours to get a solid chunk of extra time with your kids to get out and experience something new!

When you’re not on PTO, how do you keep the family fun going at home in the summer?

We take a lot of "adventure" walks around our neighborhood with different destinations! Sometimes we just check out all different the plants, leaves, and animals, sometimes we say hello to neighbors and sometimes we hit up the park or our favorite coffee shop for a treat. 

What are your summer fun hacks?

Arlo has recently become obsessed with bubbles so this summer I'm planning on filling an inexpensive kiddie pool with bubble mix and using hula hoops to make giant bubbles with him. I think he's going to go crazy for it!


Want even more summer fun? Check out Kelly's site, Studio DIY for some MAJOR inspo!


How do you #SqueezeMoreFun out of the summer with your family? Let us know in the comments!



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