This CCO Says There's No Longer One Way to Do This


After working her way up at two other major fashion houses, Marie Mazelis came to Halston. Looking to introduce a generation of new Halstonites to the heritage brand that pretty much defined the '70s, Mazelis had her work cut out for her. 

But what she knew was that dressing had fundamentally changed. Specifically, dressing for work had fun-da-mentally changed. And when she took control as Chief Creative Officer, she knew this had to be incorporated into Halston's offerings. That dressing had become interchangeable. 

Read more from Mazelis on the why and how, fashion dress codes (there are none) and lasting power of Halston. 

The business world (for most of us) is more casual than ever. In what ways have you seen a difference in the way women dress for work?

I think how we dress overall has become a lot more personal and much more relaxed. There isn’t just one acceptable way to dress for the office. Women no longer have two separate wardrobes – one for work and one for the weekend. They’ve become interchangeable. It’s all in the mix, it’s how you put things together.

What do women want from their work wear?

Comfort, ease, versatility... Also, I think, longevity… They want things that won’t be out of style next season. Today’s woman is very savvy, and she’s willing to invest in quality that will last. She is also looking for something unique and special, with attention to detail.

How has the way you dress for work changed over the course of your career? 

Interesting question. Working in fashion, I was never really confined to a “dress code”, so the changes in how I dress for work have been mostly influenced by changes in my life. My days now are a whirlwind - filled with meetings on color, embroidery and prints… Fittings, and photo shoots, and sketch reviews... And when I’m not working, I’m out and about with my two boys. All this leaves little time for anything else, so I’ve had to simplify. I’ve developed a “uniform” of sorts. During the week I wear all black – all my favorite pieces that are easily interchangeable, which I update with new silhouettes each season.  It’s one less decision to make before 9am.

In your last seven years at Halston how have you addressed the changing needs of women?

I have focused on creating designs that are lasting – both in quality and aesthetic. Halston brand is known for its timelessness and modernity. There are so many vintage Halston pieces that look as if they had been designed today. To make Halston glamour more accessible, our collections have expanded to include more casual pieces, giving options for dressing up or down, and thus offering more versatility and value.  As I mentioned earlier, it’s all in how you put things together. Like when you wear a cocktail dress with flats, it feels more casual and relaxed, making it appropriate for day.


What are some major trends you're forecasting for this year?

It feels like everything is on trend. It’s all in play. So it’s more about having your own unique point of view.

How do we update our office basics?

For me acquiring a new piece of clothing is about the emotion it evokes.  Dressing for work can become so routine, so mechanical in a way… I love resetting from time to time with something that makes me feel really happy when I reach for it in the morning. Invest in pieces that inspire you.

Can you recommend 6 easy adds to any closet? 

An iconic Halston silhouette, this classic jumpsuit is an easy all-in-one outfit.

A great option from desk to dinner. Layer a jacket over it for day, put on some heels for night.

A fun piece to complete any look, whether with jeans or a cocktail dress, it adds a touch of glam.

Classic Halston, this timeless dress should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

One of my favorite tops this season. I love the delicate ruching detail and the flowy, effortless silhouette.

Gotta love a great slide! A summer must-have, wear these with anything for a relaxed, yet put together look.