Links We Love: A Hack, A Debate & More Celeb Love for Chrissy Teigen

Didn't have time to read this week? Don't worry we didn't either. Now take a seat, read up, and get ready for Monday's monumental debate. 

Hillary Clinton gets the Between Two Ferns treatment. And manages to hold her own.  

STEM is the future. Even Cards Against Humanity knows it.  Does that make them for humanity?

Have a rough commute? A court has ruled that time spent traveling to and from work, is work. 

Put 'em up ladies and gents. Are you ready for Monday night's major debate?

Yahoo is the latest company to be hacked. And they got hacked hard. 

Retire? Not women. This study says women work four years longer than men. 

Forget the iPhone 7. These Apple employees are claiming mental health issues from a hostile work environment. 

Ain't no basketball wife. Ayesha Curry is the woman next to, not behind her husband. Oh, and like the rest of us, she loves Chrissy Teigen

These CEOs say devoting time to reading every damn day will help you work smarter. (You're welcome in advance for these links.)