Create & Connect: On-the-Go with Go-getter Puno DosTres

When you work as a creative, the need to produce quality innovative work is always on your mind-- even if that means you’re working on multiple projects at once. That’s how us creatives function, and we find solace in the chaos of multitasking. Our friends at Logitech get it, and that’s why we’re in love with their new K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard. A piece of tech that allows us to do just that.

In celebration of the release of the K380 Multi-Device, we’re highlighting some of the hardest working women in the digital space. All of whom have multiple projects under their belt, and whose careers have thrived off of multitasking and efficient productivity.

This week, we are featuring Jennifer Puno, better known as Puno DosTres. Puno is a creative from Los Angeles who quit her day job to build to her own business. Today, Puno has co-founded Map and with husband Daniel, co-founded with none other than Eva Goicochea, does UX/UI design, and dabbles in photography and styling. Is there anything this girl hasn’t done? We caught up with her in between hustles to chat about traveling with total strangers, avoiding the pitfalls of “busy,” and making every minute count.

+What is your favorite thing about working on the go?

The freedom! This past summer, Daniel and I went on an epic trip in Europe that started in Copenhagen. Our intention was to stay for only three weeks, but we started swapping homes with a few different people on and ended up staying for two months! It’s not easy traveling and working, but if I am super disciplined and the internet is on point, I can get about 2-4 hours of work done in a day. It really helps to stay in one city for 2-3 weeks.

+What are some of the best relationships or projects that have come from traveling for work?

I've just started doing more "strangercations" where I travel with a complete group of strangers. I know, sounds super Road Rules, huh? On my first strangercation, I went to Iceland and took Star Trek photos, which led to a hunt for hot springs in California.

Just recently, I went to Sayulita with Coast To Costa and helped them build their website. If anyone wants to go to Baja, come with us!

+How do you deal with the busy trap?

Calendly keeps me in check by putting rules on how many meetings I can book a day. I also find that when I work out on a daily basis, I prioritize my day better.

"I don’t dwell on tasks."

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+With so many projects running at the same time, how do you manage focusing from one project to the other?

I start hiring as soon as I can by automating as many processes and finding really smart, resourceful people that are super fun to work with. Also, I don’t dwell on tasks or over complicate processes. If I do, it’ll just never get done or becomes super annoying.

+What is your #1 hack when it comes to staying productive and keeping focused?

Harvest is the one app that really forces me to track my time. It’s not easy and I don’t like doing it, but every minute counts when you’ve only got about 10 hours in the day to work after working out, eating, sleeping, and re-doing that cat eye three times.

+How do tech tools like the K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard help you stay productive?

With the K380 Multi-Device, my fingers are elevated so I can type all day long. I also have a wacom tablet that I used instead of a mouse. It was a bit of a learning curve to get used to, but I can’t live without it. My wrist doesn’t hurt anymore, I’m super precise, and it feels more natural when I’m designing. If I had to work with a mouse, I physically feel like my body has to stop and that’s super frustrating. Same thing with typing too long on my iPhone, my fingers feel swollen. Does anyone else feel that way? :)

+How do you celebrate ending a productive week at work?

Usually a really good beer or super delicious meal. If it’s crazy productive, I love to cozy up in the bed and just veg out with Daniel.