Breakfast Recipes to Keep You Healthy and Glowing


We all know breakfast matters and that it’s important to kickstart your week on the right foot. Which means, no, you can’t simply drink caffeine for breakfast. That’s a surefire way to crash and burn. 

Look, we know it’s easy to grab a latte to go. And it might feel like you don’t have time for breakfast in the AM. Or it’s hard when we feel like we’re eating the same thing over and over again. So we’re giving you options: three amazing ways to make sure you eat breakfast and fuel your week. 

Give Your Oats the Barney Butter Treatment 

At Barney Butter, it's all about the almonds. And since almonds provide brain fuel and energy-- here is an awesome recipe to try. 

Enter “Oats in a Jar” to the rescue! This recipe is resourceful, super easy (no cooking at all!), and it’s great for a morning on the go (very portable!) Best of all it tastes great – and it’s great for your body, too!


The general rule is 1 part oats to 2 parts liquid, plus extras. In this batch I added 1/3 cup oats + 1/3 cup coconut milk + 1/3 cup coconut yogurt to the Barney Butter jar, then added 2 tbsp flaxseed meal, and half a banana. For liquid you can use any variety of milk, any variety of yogurt, any probiotic drink (kombucha or kefir), or even water. Great add-ins are any dried fruit, nuts, mashed or sliced bananas, fresh berries, shredded dried coconut, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp oil. 

Toppings are up to you! 


Add your ingredients to the barney butter jar.
Shake it up!
No need to get it uniformly mixed, just give it a good sloshing and then screw the cap back on. Stick it in the refrigerator to soak overnight.
The next morning, all you’ll need to do is grab the jar, grab a spoon, give it a stir and dig in! It can also be given a quick heat up in the microwave if preferred. 

Kite Hill + Purely Elizabeth Bomb Combo 

Photo by Alyssa Dawson Photography

Photo by Alyssa Dawson Photography

Truth, they can be enjoyed on their own as well, but we think a yoghurt and granola AM combo is the exact boost you need. Especially when they are each made of ingredients that help you eat better, feel better, and are packed with nutrient-rich ingredients. 

You can toss Purely Elizabeth's classic blend of ancient grains + superfood seeds on top of yoghurt or even blended into a smoothie. 

Speaking of delicious yoghurts, Kite Hill is dairy and soy free, giving you that almond boost once more. Their plain almond milk yogurt is produced exclusively with local, top quality almonds that provide a smooth and delicate mouthfeel and flavor. The natural flavor of their almond milk is balanced with acidity produced by Probiotic cultures that are aged with the milk during production. 

Or you if you want to get a little fancy in the AM-- we’re betting you can fig-ure this one out. 


1 tub Kite Hill Plain Unsweetened Yogurt (16 oz)

1 bag of Purely Elizabeth granola
1 package Kite Hill Artisan Almond Milk Ricotta
16 Fresh ripe black figs (approx. 4 figs per person)
Bee-free honey
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt


Wash and slice the figs in half.
Heat a sauté pan on medium and add half the figs to the hot pan, flesh side on the direct heat.
Allow the figs to caramelize without flipping for 2 minutes.
Drizzle some olive oil onto the figs.
Remove the figs from the pan and allow them to cool.
Sweeten the ricotta with bee-free honey to taste.
Spoon the plain yogurt onto the plate in the form of a layer.
Add the sweetened ricotta.
Alternate caramelized and raw figs on the yogurt base.

Sprinkle Purely Elizabeth on top for some extra crunch.
Drizzle a little olive oil, sea salt and bee-free honey.


How do you plan your morning meals? Let us know in the comments below!