Links We Love: Solange, Ivanka & a Black Lady Liberty

As a country we are in the midst of a transition. For some, it's welcome. For others it means a March on Washington. A big one on the 21st. But that's not the only headline. Here are a few more that caught our eye.

President Obama's farewell sendoff to VP Biden is better and more tearful than anyone could have imagined. Including Biden who was surprised when Obama awarded him a Presidential Medal of Freedom with distinction -- an honor awarded to only three previous recipients. 

Along the same lines of brother and sisterhood, the Bush sisters wrote the Obama sisters an awesome letter. 

Planning on attending the Women's March in Washington on the 21st? These are all the things you need to bring with you. 

Related: anti-Trump but refusing to march? You won't be needing any of the above. 

Solange tells Beyoncé which Selena song is her favorite.

Designers reflect on dressing an immeasurable Michelle Obama for the last eight years. 

An interesting take on Ivanka Trump's brand of feminism. 

Dismantling the Affordable Care Act will have a massive impact on women and LGBTQ people. Here's how. 

All call for media created by Latinx. Do you know what that means?

The United States Mint just released its newest commemorative coin and they put a black Lady Liberty on its face for the first time ever.